How We Work

How we create your website

We pull out all the stops on every website to ensure that your project runs super smoothly and achieves the best results. We like to keep in mind that a website without a strategy is just a glossy brochure, so we start with...


Every single project we launch here at sbdeweb is the culmination of a thorough strategy process. We'll work with you to work out exactly what you want from your website. It can be anything from wanting more sales, more people to contact you, for people to join your mailing list or just to read your content. By clearly defining all of your targets and goals for the website, it will help to target the right audience for your website and help to make sure that your chosen web design is bang on for what your needs. 

After all, sexy design is obviously super important, but we'd all be happy with a website that looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp if it doubled or tripled our leads, wouldn't we? So strategy comes first!


Once we have worked out your needs, we'll get to work designing to exact specifications. Actually, before we get onto the website, you may help you bring your brand to life through a visually appealing brand identity or brand refresh (we do that too), which can have a huge impact on your audience. 

We'll then set about designing your website, giving you a clean, uncluttered design, to make it as easy as possible for your audience to navigate and not forgetting those all important call to actions!


Once you're happy with your web design, we set about putting everything live up on the site in our very own sbde-web CMS (Content Management System). We develop our responsive websites with the latest technologies, super speedy hosting and we keep the search engines squarely in mind, building for speed and optimisation for the Bings and Googles of this world, while making sure the user experience is also top notch.

This is where we can also add some extra special features, like website personalisation and we can either design and upload the content for you, or give you as much access as you need to upload your content.


Now all that's done, we test test test to make sure everything works perfectly across all devices and to make sure nothing has fallen off or over the fold line, all the links are set up correctly and we're ready to launch. We give you a working model of the site to look through and preview across devices. Then when you are happy with everything, we start the big countdown.... 10...9...7...6... And get ready for...


...lift off! The moment we push the button, switch the settings over so your domain name points to the right place and hello world, a new website has been born. Your new website! But it doesn't stop there, we'll set you up with an SSL certificate for your fresh out of the bag website, so it will load faster and most importantly give visitors a secure experience (and that little padlock in the browser!)

We can then help you improve your SEO, create social media campaigns that knocks people’s socks off and help your market your website to get the most value from it.


Last but not least, we give you all the support you need. As part as our commitment to you, once you have a website with us, we'll give you as much help as you need. So if you have a question, just ask! If you need to speak to us 17 times in one day, that's absolutely fine too. We'll help you get the most out of your website and if you need additional design time or content developed, as an existing paying customer, you get subscriber rates, which means up to 20% off.

Sound good? Get in touch with us and let's chat. I'd love to find out all about your business.
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